• Children's Ministry

    Our Children’s Ministry exists to share Christ with the children in our community, advance them in their spiritual maturity, and help them to recognize their spiritual gifts. We also provide a safe environment with age-appropriate activities during Sunday services.

    For more information please contact Charlene Neves by e-mail, at

  • Biblical Foundations
    Biblical Foundations

    The class is for those who want God's best for their life. To begin by building a strong foundation. Jesus said as much when he declared , " I will show you what he is like who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice. He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house, but could not shake it, because it was well built. Luke 6:46-48 NIV

    We invite all those who are new in Christ, those that are new to Remnant Ministries and to all who have the desire to serve in ministry, and to hear God's word and to gain a better understanding of our faith and the truths in Jesus Christ.

    This 12 week study will help us to go deeper in God's word so that we can be better equipped to do His will for our lives, and for everyone we meet to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.
    This class is a great way to build relationship with one another as we fellowship and worship together.
    Each week starts a new chapter in the Purple Book, and will give everyone the opportunity to go over the the answers in a group setting.

    If you can not commit to all 12 weeks, the class will repeat it self and you are welcome to come back at anytime.

    Child care will be provided for the ages of 18 months on up at no charge.
    Classes starts at 6:30pm to 8:00pm every Thursday when in session, with a one week break for holiday.

  • Dance Ministry

    This is not a ministry of dance, movement and expression but rather a ministry where dancers are trained to minister through dance. We place emphasis and importance on developing the artist to understand that their opportunity to minister through dance begins with a relationship with the Lord. This relationship should be evident in their personal lives according to the teachings and instructions from the Word of God. Effort and priority is placed on the dancer receiving a good foundational training in the technique of ballet, modern, interpretive and liturgical dance. At times the dancers will have the opportunity to learn jazz and African dance movements.
    The visual effectiveness and power that the arts creates is something that Remnant Ministries embraces and we are committed to maintaining a high standard as far as the quality of dance and the integrity of the ministry is concerned. Every effort is made to have the artists well prepared and trained physically, mentally and spiritually, allowing them to transform into a vessel that the Lord can use for His glory

    For more information please contact Pastor Felicity Cunningham at (702) 348-7232 or pastor.felicity@remnantministries.net.

  • Divine One - "D1"

    “Divine One”

    Providing the select group of Remnant Ministry high school students with the insights, strategies, and skills necessary to become effective Christian Leaders on their team, in and out of the classroom, and in their community. The emphasis of this ministry is to create effective "leaders by example" who are willing to work to get to the next level, which is college. Focus will be on individual, group, and community leadership.

    For more information please contact Dr. Salina Torres by email, d1prospectleaders@remnantministries.net

  • Men's Ministry

    From the beginning of time, God gave man the leadership role.  The Men’s Ministry at Remnant Ministries take that role very seriously.  We are here to help all men become the men of God that God intends and expects them to be. So they can lead in every area of their lives. 

    We believe in servant leadership.

    We submit that men should follow the example of Jesus, who being God in the flesh, did not come to be served but to serve, as it states in Mark 10:45.

    If you have an questions or want to join the ushers, please contact (via email)
    John Kuchka at john.kuchka@remnantministries.net

  • Ministerios Remanente Internacional

    As a means to help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and reach out to Spanish speakers in the community, we offer worship and service in Spanish every Sunday at 1:00 P.M. The ministry is led by Pastor Efren Santiago.

    Como un medio para ayudar a difundir la Buena Nueva de Jesucristo, para llegar a los hablantes de espaņol en la comunidad, ofrecemos culto y el servicio en espaņol, cada domingo en 13:00. El ministerio es conducido por Pastor Efren Santiago.

    For more information, please contact pastor.efren@remnantministries.net

  • Ministry of Helps

    The Ministry of Helps (MoH) provides support and assistance with tasks that may go undone when experiencing a sudden loss or crisis. This support includes prayer, hospital visits, help with grocery shopping, yard work, childcare, housework, transportation to/from church, providing meals, and sitting with various family members. We provide a helping hand to the family with minimum interruption to their daily routine. The goal of the MoH is to meet the needs in such a way that the individual/family weathers their crisis and comes out stronger with the support and encouragement of the saints and, in the case of loss, to help those left behind to mourn and remember their loved one in a positive way as they work through the healing process.

    For more information please contact Lolli Gore at (702) 592-5320 or by e-mail at
    lolli.gore@remnantministries.net or michelle.bender@remnantministries.net

  • Sick and Shut-in Ministry

    The Sick and Shut in Ministry is an adjunct to the senior pastor, Pastor Randall Cunningham. This ministry serves as his "arms and legs," visiting on his behalf, Remnant Ministries members and families that are sick, shut in, hospitalized, in hospice care or other facilities to provide them with Holy Communion, prayer, and fellowship. The ministry also provides prayer and Scripture reading to members that are in hospice care, along with their families.

    For more information please contact Billy Simms at billy.simms@remnantministries.net.

  • Women's Ministry


    We are living in an exciting time for the believer in a very unusual city. To be effective our lives must be a living epistle relatable and available to impact our city through our circle of influence. For the women at Remnant Ministries, we believe in being equipped with a sound understanding of the Word of God through studying the Bible verse by verse and precept upon precept. We also believe it necessary to gather together for accountability, fellowship, and unity as we enjoy special events such as conferences, teas, and retreats and outreaches. We also gather for prayer and intercession and place importance on assembling ourselves together so as to spur one another on to love and good works exhorting each other as we see the Day approaching.

    For more information please contact Pastor Felicity Cunningham at (702) 348-7232 or by email, pastor.felicity@remnantministries.net

  • Youth Ministry

    Whether you are a teenager, or a parent of a teenager, we are excited to let you know about our awesome youth ministry here at Remnant Ministries. Our goal for our 6th to 12th graders is to equip them with the Word of God and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Our mission is to reach the lost and broken youth of Las Vegas with the gospel of Jesus Christ and see them delivered at the cross and disciple into their God given destinies. We hope you will join us for our service.

    We meet every Sunday at 8:45 A.M. for high school students and 10:45 A.M. for jr. high students. We also have a mid-week service on Wednesdays at 7:00-8:30 P.M.


    For more information please contact Stacy Julian at (702) 427-8857 or by e-mail,

  • Worship Ministry

    The Worship Team includes the Praise Team and the Choir. Aria Hall, Worship Leader & Minister of Music believes that worship is more than just getting up and leading the congregation in song; it is a lifestyle expressed and manifested through music & lyrics that focuses on God and directs all the glory to Him. Worship is meant not only to honor, praise and glorify God, but to bring the listener into God’s presence by sharing His Word through music and song.

    If you have a heart of worship and desire to praise God through song please come out to rehearsal.

    Praise Team rehearsal is on Thursday at 5:30; choir rehearsal is Saturday at 11:00.

    If you have questions or want more information please contact Aria Gaston phone at (702) 860-6482

  • The Cupbearer

    When people think of a church ministry the kitchen may not be the first ministry that comes to mind. However, for leaders Tony Battle and Traci Hines it's exactly where their servitude lies. The Cupbearer kitchen is where people come for a good meal, a smile and fellowship and the Cupbearer Family of volunteers serves a heaping portion of it every Sunday after 1st and 2nd service.

    For more information contact

    Tony- tony.battle@remnantministries.net or

    Traci - traci.hines@remnantministries.net 

  • Multimedia Ministry

    Our core values are the Christian principles, standards, and qualities we consider essential and necessary for effective worship ministry.  The technical arts ministry uses these values as the foundation and framework for all of our policies, procedures, rules and regulations.  All of our requirements for ministry can find their origins in one or more of our following core values.


    Please contact us for more information at


  • Drama Ministry

    The Drama Ministry preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ through theatre.  It is not just about acting, it is about helping everyone see and understand what the Word of God says by drawing from Pastor's message in order to bring forth the Word of God through action.  The team uses stage technique and scripture memorization to bring forth biblical messages to today's audience.


    For more information contact Traci Hines at traci.hines@remnantministries.net

  • Usher Ministry

    It is such an honor and a privilege to serve in GOD's house, (Psalm 84:10) and as an usher, we are many times the first impression that people get of Remnant Ministries.  Since we represent Pastor Randall and ultimately GOD ALMIGHTY, we are to conduct ourselves with a spirit of Love, a spirit of Humility, and the heart of a Servant, just as JESUS CHRIST, Himself, did. 

    We, as the men of Remnant Ministries, as ushers would love for you to enjoy your experience here as we Usher in HIS (HOLY SPIRIT) Excellence.

    If you have an questions or want to join the ushers, please contact
    John Kuchka


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